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Our Services

A summary of our Handman Services. Please inquire if you need help with something else.

Damage Repairing

If you have damaged wood or other repairs or replacement, call us! We can replace most items

Home Maintenance

We can fix rotting and worn wood-work or other replacements that you need addressed

Home Improvement

We can build most any small projects from scratch, or replace what is breaking down
Door & windows

We are available to service or replace your doors or windows.

Roof, Wall & Floor

We can replace flooring, fix roofing or walls. We are available to bid on sheetrock / drywall jobs and repairs. We can also advise DIY projects. Call us today!

Mold & Water Damage

Let us do the dirty work for you. Mold remediation services are available.

Ice Snow Tree Wind Damage Repair

We are available for emergency repair! Call us now! 603-852-6891

Water-PRoofing & Sealing

We can be hired for Chalking, Sealing and other Waterproofing tasks.


We side most structures with Vinyl, Clapboard, Shingle or Composite siding.


Please contact us for commercial and residentail painting projects in Keene, Chesterfield, Dublin, Marlborough, Swanzey, Surry, Spofford, Troy, Rindge,  Westmoreland and surrounding tows.

Tile & Stone

Tile, stone or grout-work? No problem!

Apartment & Home Rehabs

Need to get your apartment turned over? Are you selling your house, and have a few small jobs to do before you can list? Call Keene Handyman!

Maintenance Check-Ins

Does your Property Management company need a damage report, and series of photos of your vacant property, for the bank?

Do you need a monthly inspection / check-in of your summer home, in the winter? We are happy to offer property inspection reports, photos and light maintenance, as needed.

Moving & Snow Removal

Yes! We can rake your Roof ends. Call us today!

Flooring & Trim

We can install your new flooring or carpet. We also install any interior/exterior trim moulding.

Electronics & Computers

We can be hired to set-up or relocate complicated Stereo or Video systems, Smart Home systems or set-up new Computer systems too. We can even clean out the inside of your electronics, to extend life.

Home Cleaning Systems

Robot Vacuums & Mops are the new tech gadget to have. People are realizing how much time they can save by relying on a robot or 2, to help with cleaning chores. We offer Robot Vacuum Sales, Service, On-site Set-up and Training too. Vacuums can be controled with or without a smart phone, so no phone is necessary if you prefer a remote control version. Please inquire for more information.

Robot Lawnmower Installs are also available.

Home Security Upgrades

Cheshire Defense is Keene’s newest contracting company, devoted to upgrading the Security of your Home or Office. We are available to retrofit your doors, windows and security systems to the latest technology. Once these products are installed, you’ll have piece of mind that adequate systems are in place to protect your loved ones, or business interests, in the event of an attack or attempted breech.

Visit Cheshire Defense Now >>

Furniture Assembly

New furniture in a box can be difficult to assemble. Let us do the hard work for you. We can assemble your boxed, or dismantled furniture, as required.

Furniture & Appliance Installation

We do these odd jobs too. We can deliver your new appliance and remove your old items, if the store is not available for delivery.

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We can usually estimate how many hours small jobs will take

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